The Bioceramic MIG3

Bioceramic® MIG3® is an irradiator of electromagnetic waves within the infrared spectrum, making it a very popular tool for reducing measures and improving body aesthetics. The combination of components produces a ceramic compound that radiates INFRARED by stimulating the heat source. In Brazil, research was carried out and this technology was enhanced, manufacturing infrared equipment and products for treatments in medical and aesthetic clinics.

The Technological Evolution

The discovery and research of new ceramic materials has guided material science. With this, new methods and procedures are being adopted to optimize certain traditional processes of industrialization and treatment of products. The purpose is to obtain better results in the different properties and physicochemical characteristics of these new materials.

After many years of research, the ideal particle size for incorporation into the fibers of the fabric was discovered in order to obtain maximum efficiency and uniform distribution in the respective fibers and throughout the fabric. Many researches and investments are carried out continuously for the production of excellent quality clothing, with a pleasant and comfortable touch so that it can be used by people on a daily basis.

As a result of these studies, INVEL® developed Bioceramics® MIG3®, an inorganic compound, obtained from special controlled mixtures that reflect the infrared heat radiated by the human body, promoting people’s sense of comfort and well-being.

Even after being subjected to 100 successive washes, the fabric containing its fibers incorporated with Bioceramics®MIG3® maintains all of its initial physical-chemical characteristics. This happens because, after the initial mixing, homogenization and incorporation of the ceramic compound, the fabric is subjected to an exclusive heat treatment to strongly fix the Bioceramics® MIG3® particles to the textile fibers.

Development of the Incorporation

IITP® has developed innovative ways to incorporate Bioceramics® MIG3® evenly distributed on a micrometric scale. This process provides the following advantages:

  1. Better distribution of fibers within the fibers;
  2. Higher content of impregnated particles per m2 of fabric;
  3. Fixation of the particles inside the fibers more resistant;
  4. Greater resistance to washing;

Mechanism of action

Bioceramics® MIG3® radiates infrared waves from 3 to 14.8 µm in length, beneficial to health.

The beneficial waves of MIG3® stimulate the production of nitric oxide (NO) in cells.

Nitric Oxide (NO) increases the caliber of vessels, thus improving blood microcirculation, bringing different health benefits with muscle relaxation and pain relief.