IITP Activities

a) Carrying out studies, research, production, dissemination and development of infrared technologies and technological innovations obtained as a result of the scientific clinical basis aimed at improving people’s quality of life.

b) The elaboration of projects, plans, organizations and catalysts of actions that collaborate with the defense, preservation and conservation of the image of Brazil as a world reference of science and technology of Infrared, the Brazilian technological environment and sustainable development through technological innovations;

c) The dissemination of information, technical and scientific knowledge that promotes the culture of innovation and new research, through congresses, symposia, events, training activities, professional training and updating, dissemination of technical and scientific teaching materials through editing newspapers, periodicals, newsletters and any other means of visual, audiovisual and virtual communication, in any type of media;

d) Participation, collaboration and establishment of partnerships, agreements and / or exchanges between public and private institutions involved with research, development, education and technology inherent to new processes, products and services;

e) Contribution and integration with companies and / or public institutions at the federal, state and / or municipal, national or foreign levels, research institutions, universities, institutions providing services for clinical research and technology development;

f) Carrying out activities to raise funds and collect values ​​for the Institution.