The reasons for constant work

IITP® has fundamental purposes and objectives:

a) The purpose of IITP ® is studies in the area of ​​health and social well-being, producing scientific knowledge, developing technologies, generating products and training human resources, in the area of ​​application of biomaterials to improve the quality of life of human beings;

b) The IITP® aims to foster studies and research, to develop alternative technologies for application in different market segments, to produce and disseminate technical and scientific information and knowledge related to health and to improve the quality of life of the population, research and development of products for the environment and science;

c) IITP® will disseminate the practice of links between Researchers;

d) IITP® will promote integration activities for Researchers and / or Groups of Researchers, from different companies or institutions, through events, seminars, lectures, fairs, colloquia and courses;

e) IITP® will enter into partnerships, covenants and / or exchanges, professional or information, with and between Entities, Institutions, Companies, Bodies or Public or Private Organizations, national or international;

f) IITP® will represent its members, before other Institutions, Companies, Public or Private Agencies / Agencies, national or international;

g) IITP® will represent its members, in or out of court, and may propose judicial or extrajudicial measures, in defense of their common interests;

h) IITP® may promote cultural, social, professional, sports and / or philanthropic activities, aiming at the dissemination of new research and professional technical training, free of charge or for a fee;

i) ITTP ® promote its activities, aiming at improving the quality of life of the population, producing and investing in scientific knowledge, developing technologies, clinical research through partnerships, generating products and services, and also training human resources, with the purpose of making Brazil a reference in the area of ​​infrared technology and application.