Technical area



Researchers and professionals in the field of science and technology of biomaterials permanently discuss and study the physical-chemical aspects of infrared irradiating ceramics, as well as the ideal processes of these ceramics in polymers in order to apply them to different types of health treatment.

The attention of the group of researchers involved in this technical area is focused on understanding the relationship between infrared radiation by certain materials and their structural properties, consolidating knowledge with experimental evidence based on sophisticated techniques.


Doctors, researchers and health professionals permanently discuss and study research protocols, methodologies, ideal prototypes with the incorporation of the exclusive active mineral Bioceramics MIG3® for different types of health treatment. The attention of the group of researchers involved in the Scientific Clinical area of ​​the Invel Institute of Technology and Research is to conduct clinical studies with evaluations of efficacy and safety of the product, following the criteria of ethics and sanitary regulation in Brazil and other countries, such as Japan and United States.

IITP® conducts about 12 research protocols per year, in centers in Brazil and abroad. In view of the important role of IITP® in the Brazilian and international scenario, given the pioneering spirit of the coordination of Clinical Research on technological innovation, it expands investments and partnerships to serve the population with treatments that improve the quality of life of the human being.


Innovation is the key concept in the activities of the Invel® Institute of Technology and Research – IITP®. The dynamic performance of IITP® is due to the dedication to science and the initial commitment focused on Invel® technology, as the Institute’s initial milestone, aiming at improving the quality of life of the human being.

In order for information to be transmitted securely, products to be developed in safe and protected places, IITP® values ​​the confidentiality of scientific, technical or commercial nature. For this reason, all researchers and partners involved in the research and development of IITP® projects, prototypes and products keep information protected, even in working relationships with third parties, partners and licensees, with the utmost seriousness and competence of the team.

That is why IITP® has a Technical Communication Area Committee so that information is transmitted to the scientific society and in general, in a controlled, supervised and, above all, true manner.

In this way, it protects society by communicating different audiences, through appropriate language, whether it is the consumer, who will benefit from the research developed and its applicability, whether it be the group of scientists, with effective and filtered communication of the vehement needs, either be it the general population, who can benefit from the knowledge of the subjects dealt with by the Invel® Institute.

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